Welcome to Walmax Freight Forwarders Company Limited

Walmax Freight Forwarders Company Limited was established in Tanzania in 2003 as a Clearing and Forwarding agent under the Customs Act. Walmax was subsequently granted Customs license and commenced clearing and forwarding operations in June 1st 2006.

Freight clearing & forwarding is essential service and our most important tool for our freight clearing & forwarding clients is personalized service. At Walmax Freight Forwarders Company Limited customer service has been reinvented as the cutting edge of competitiveness in the freight clearing and Forwarding industry. As competition has become more intense in freight clearing and forwarding service, quality has become crucial determinant for creating overall clearing & forwarding client's satisfaction. Walmax Freight Forwarders Company Limited is a reputed name in East and Central Africa Freight Forwarders.


Clearing and Forwarding

Walmax Freight Forwarders Company Limited is an organization that offers importing and exporting, clearing and forwarding in Tanzania. Our key purpose is to provide a convenient, reliable and efficient service to our clients. We aim to top the industry in terms of excellence in deliverance. The company caters for the needs of all Southern African clients importing and exporting cargo through the Dar es Salaam port.

Home of Integrity

Being ethically unyielding and honest and inspiring trust by saying what we mean, matching our behaviors to our words and taking responsibility for our actions.

Transit Goods

With the demand for import cars in Southern and Central African Countries outside the East African Customs Union (EACU) and the need for clearance of cargo with customs and the need for transportation of cargo from Tanzania ports to different parts regionally and locally calls the need of an impeccable reputation. We therefore aim for excellence in fulfilling the promise and developing undoubted confidence with our clients and our valuable partner.


Sustainability is paramount to our business, which means we en-devour to always act in the best interests of the organization we deal with and strive to have a positive affect on people, organizations, the planet and profitability.